Thomas S. Geraghty Law Firm Redesign

The new Thomas S. Geraghty Law Firm redesign (visit new site) was more of a reboot than a redesign. The existing site was strictly informational, and to that end, didn’t serve for much more. We needed to change this, taking into account numerous parameters like SEO, Mobility and of course Functionality (UX Design).


Although a rebrand wasn’t part of the original brief, we thought we’d try and update the existing logo. We used what we had as a base and worked on a more refined version of the logo. This also helped define the typography and colors.

Thomas S. Geraghty Law Firm Redesign & Branding

Responsive Law Firm Redesign

Throughout the process Thomas’ (our client) top request was mobile. Unlike other businesses where mobile is complimentary to their existing business model, here we had a true mobile first strategy. Prospect clients of the TSG Law Firm are usually people who seek an attorney right there, on the spot. We needed clear and concise CTA’s which would lead the visitor to place a phone call.


Thomas S. Geraghty Law Firm Redesign - Responsive Design

With that in mind, we created specific CTA’s for each use case. We had a standard approach from Desktop to Tablet where the main CTA leads to a the contact page with multiple contact options. For the mobile version we had a different placement for the CTA – something that was always present, easy to read and of course clickable – which triggers a direct call.

Designed for SEO

Since most business is generated through Google Search, we designed every page to serve as a landing page. Large headings, compelling images, clear CTA’s and informative content. One aspect we took seriously into consideration when designing the site was Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and subsequent page ranking. We contacted Google on behalf of our client’s request, and we set out a robust strategy which was also taken into consideration during the development phase.


One of the most unique aspects of the site though was the need to be re-usable. Thomas wanted to have separate sites for each city the Law Firm operated in – and this needed to be something that he could manage on his own. So, with that in mind, we added a few options which would result in a custom and unique website for each city.

TSG Customisable Design

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