Impact Mobile Application

As part of a consulting partnership with the Athens Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (ACEin), I had the pleasure of working with a team on an idea with an Impact – or to be more specific, it was actually a mobile application named “Impact”.

Impact Mobile Application Cover

The idea

This is an application that empowers you to make an impact in your community and eventually to the world around you – by sharing beautiful stories of experiences you have lived from within a mobile application. These experiences can range from creating and sharing a recipe, a city exploration or even an global event. There’s really no limit to what you could use the app for. Just as long as it had an impact.

I worked with the team of two through the inception of the idea, and helped them establish a product. Then I moved on forward and worked on the entire UX.

Mobile Application Flow

The first thing I work on any of my projects is the flow. It’s extremely important to know what the scope of the application will be, and what parts needs special attention.

Impact Flow

A visual flow will help determine interactions, continuity and overall UX


Since this was just an idea, there was no actual branding attached to it. So the next order of action was to give Impact a persona. Something that would express all that the idea encompasses. I worked on a logo and color schemes. This was just days before Twitter had announced Lightning (now renamed to Moments), which gave us a kick of satisfaction and validation. We were on to something with that bolt of lightning…

Logo Branding

Functionality & design

An Impact would be – ideally – a shareable byte of content, packed into an easy digestible form. Any Impact can be shared or embedded as an autonomous entity.

Impact Main Feed


Magazine Feel

An Impact was specifically designed to have a magazine look and feel. You could fluidly flip through big pictures, full screen videos, quotes & maps.

Impact Viewer

Creating an Impact

We new from the very beginning that an Impact had to be extremely easy to create. We needed a user experience which could get out of the way when creating an Impact. So, we came up with Live Recording, an alternative way to create an Impact. Live recording would essentially work in the background and – after getting your permission – would record all of your actions. What photos or videos you took, where you went, where you checked in…

When the user stops Live Recording, the app would automatically build an Impact based on the time sequence of actions. You could then edit all the media collected, or just hit “Publish” and share it to the world – as is.

Of course, there’s always the manual selection and addition of media, but you already knew that, right?

Create Impact - Live Recording


Edit Impact

Impact Application Design Overview

At the end of day, I always like to look at a project from a bird’s eye view. This puts the work into perspective…

Impact Application Design Overview

PS: As a huge burger fan, I used what I know best to create this mockup Impact 😉

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