Dodoni’s yogurt of tomorrow

Dodoni SA was launching a new process for their yogurt line. Essentially, they guarantee that the milk they use is turned to yogurt within 24 hours of milking, which makes it all the more healthy, fresh and tastier. The main problem with this new process was that people would misinterpret Dodoni’s statement and think that the yogurt they purchase at the supermarket is fresh 24 hour old milk… which is not the case. The claim is very specific: Milk is turned to yogurt within 24 hours…


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With that in mind, we thought it’d be great if we could have the people experience the process first hand. So we came up with “Tomorrow’s yogurt” – which doubles figuratively as “The yogurt of the future” and literally as “How is milk turned to yogurt in 24 hours”.

We would invite people to claim their cup of yogurt and queue up for the real-time observation process of how milk is turned to yogurt – all within 24 hours. Users would select the flavour of their liking and signup to get notified.


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When the participating people’s turn would come, they’d get notification emails of the exact status of their yogurt production process.

Milking > Pasteurising > Culture > Process & Packaging

People could see informative videos describing the process phase in which their soon-to-be-yogurt milk is in. After the info video, the cam would switch a live feed of the plant.


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At the end of the day, the participating people would receive a fully custom produced case of fresh yogurt. Great for sharing on social media – and enjoying with friends.

Disclaimer: This campaign was created while working for Tribal Worldwide Athens. This project has never been aired.

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