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Dewar's White Label New Bottle by Lovely Productions

Dewar’s White Label New Bottle

Dewar’s introduced a new bottle design for their top selling White Label brand scotch and requested a interesting way to engage users. We only had a bottle to work with and that’s what we did

First off, we commissioned a hi-res 3D rendering of the real life bottle. Two frames for each degree of rotation. We had a total of 720 frames…


We built a microsite which would reveal the new bottle one frame at a time. Users would be required to answer a few questions regarding Dewar’s heritage and culture in order to “unlock” more degrees of rotation. The answers of course to all our questions would lie within a few existing videos the client had provided.




As users unlocked more degrees of rotation, they would also get more information regarding Dewar’s White Label, but also some new features of the bottle like the Unique Traceable Code…



Mobile Reveal

Although the reveal site was built to work on every device as a responsive site, we went a little further. At the time, Dewar’s Greece also had a fresh new Instagram account and we thought we could seize the opportunity to build a following. We posted partial photos of the bottle to the account, in sync with how much of the bottle was being revealed on the site. All the photos worked as a puzzle grid, which in the end revealed the new bottle.




Disclaimer: This campaign was created while working for Tribal Worldwide Athens. This project was aired in April 2014.

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